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Teeth straightening with clear, nearly invisible braces

Invisalign braces comprise of clear plastic that covers the patient’s teeth and is designed to gently shift the teeth by applying continuous pressure.

These plastic braces are moulded using digital technology. Every couple of weeks the plastic braces are changed to take the teeth shifting to the next stage of treatment progression.

Invisalign braces are invisible and will change your smile. They are especially useful for patients who do not want to have visible braces when interacting with others in business or private. The clear alternative to braces contains a collection of bespoke removable clear aligners, which are transformed as well as replaced every fortnight. They can can be removed to clean and brush the teeth.

With no metal brackets or wires you won’t be exposed to any kind of discomfort or irritation, and the aligners can be taken off for consuming food, drinking, cleaning as well as flossing your teeth as you usually do.

A 3D treatment plan reveals the collection of movements your teeth will undergo during the treatment, so from day one you understand precisely what to expect at the end of the therapy.

Whether you were born with crooked teeth or your teeth have ended up being uneven with age, we’ll work out a solution that makes you wish to smile openly without hesitation again.

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