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Fibredontics is a newly developed dental technique that utilises special fibre re-enforced material for creating dental structures.

Fibredontics is the name given to the field of dentistry where fibre reinforced composites are used. We can now offer these exciting new treatments that use state of the art materials, by applying principles from the building (steel reinforced concrete) & the aeronautical industries. We bed strong metal-free fibres or mesh into composites (white filling materials) to give extremely strong and cosmetic solutions in a broad range of dental situations. They can be used as an alternative to implants, bridges or dentures when replacing missing teeth Splinting loose teeth, replacing missing teeth & broken teeth are a few of the circumstances where this new “Fibredontics” can be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? Each case requires different timings and materials so an estimate will be created for you at your check up. A rough approximation:-

  • (1) Replacing missing teeth £550-650/tooth.
  • (2) Splinting loose teeth £300 per join.

Does it hurt? NO. Because the fibres are bonded to the outside of the teeth, it is non-invasive and not painful. Most cases are completed without the need for any anaesthetic.

How long does it take? To replace a missing tooth will normally take around 2 hours. The procedure can be done in one visit so no need for provisional restorations between appointments.

Is it strong? Yes, the procedures can last for several years. Regular maintenance and reviews are important and if you notice any sharp edges or cracks please report it to us immediately. However, because of the way these bridges are constructed it is very easy to repair chips or fractures quickly

Will I be aware of it in the mouth? Initially you will be aware of the fibres as we bond them to the back of the teeth. However, the fibres will not interfere with your bite and you will get used to them within a week or so. The teeth that we bond to will be more bulky but the finished result will be smooth. You will need to keep it clean brushes and floss, which we will instruct you how to use.

What are the main advantages of the FRC bridges against other replacement treatment options?

  • Cost effective treatment option. Half the cost of conventional bridge work.
  • Less drilling – most cases done without dental injections o Very little preparation on the anchor teeth.
  • Single appointment procedure.
  • If required, the structure can be easily repaired or remodelled.
  • Immediate – no waiting for the final prosthesis
  • Reversible. – as no damage is done to the anchor teeth, the fibre can be removed and other treatment options can follow.

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