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Crowns and Bridges

There are several different kinds of crowns and dental bridges offered to restore the natural look of your smile.


Dental crowns are utilised to treat teeth that, as a result of decay or the failure of a large dental filling, have actually lost a substantial part of their structure. A crown protects and also reinforces tooth framework that could not be restored with dental fillings, or other type of remedy.

Also referred to as caps, dental crowns fit over your affected tooth, to shield the remaining tooth structure and to allow you to carry on using that tooth by restoring its original size and shape. The colour is matched to that of your own teeth, and the crown looks exactly like a natural tooth.


Dental bridges are a great form of restorative dentistry, which should be taken into consideration as a solution for filling the gap of a missing tooth. Both affordable and effective, the missing teeth are secured into their place by anchoring with the neighbouring healthy teeth. It is possible for several missing teeth to be replaced with a bridge.

A dental bridge usually consists of a pontic, or false tooth used to take place of missing tooth, and two crowns, which function to anchor the false tooth in position.

There are several different kinds of dental bridges offered to restore the natural look of your smile. Contact us by phone and we shall arrange an appointment for you at Light Lane Dental Practice.

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